Anna Maria Lundins Scholarship

Important dates

15 april
Last day to apply and monitor in the spring semester

15 november
Last day to apply and monitor in the autumn semester

Anna Maria Lundin’s scholarship committee annually awards up to SEK 5 million in foreign travel scholarships to students who have been admitted to postgraduate studies at one of Uppsala University’s departments and belong to Småland’s nation in Uppsala.

Anna Maria Lundins Travel Grants

To receive the grant you should meet these requirements: You should study at an institution belonging to Uppsala University for at least 3 semesters (you may use the travel grant on the third semester) and during this time you are obliged to be a member of Smålands Nation in Uppsala. Scholarships are announced once every semester, deadline for applications is April 15 during the spring semester and November 15 during the autumn semester.

After returning home from your travel you shall submit a travel report, along with a cover sheet and a summary of expenses. The cover sheet and template for reporting expenses can be found on the application website. Note that if you become liable to repay funds received, do not make any repayments until your travel report has been approved.

Download travel report template for reporting expenses

Smålands Nation’s Principles for Selection

  • Scholarships should primarily be awarded candidates that have reached a certain maturity in their PhD studies and where there is good prospect that the PhD will be received in time.
  • If several applications are handed in from the same person, only the most important is to be granted. Thus, please note which application is the most important one.
  • Many semesters with the nation should be rewarded.
  • Selection among the applications will be made roughly according to the following order:
  1. Field studies (or similar)
  2. Doctoral courses
  3. Conference with a presentation
  4. Conference with a poster
  5. Conference without presenting any own material.
  • Consideration may be given if the applicant on several other occasions has received travel grants from Anna Mara Lundin foundation.
  • Allowances after day 20 should be adjusted down.

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