Statues for Anna Maria Lundins Scholarship

Extract from the statutes of the Anna Maria Lundin Scholarship Fund

13 § The following statutes shall apply to the fund administered by the Foundation:

  1. The scholarship fund consists of the funds donated by Anna Maria Lundin to Smålands nation in Uppsala, according to her will of 24 September 1955 14 §:

“Should there be any surplus in my estate, it shall be left to the Smålands i Upsala student nation to establish a scholarship fund, the proceeds of which shall be awarded as a foreign research scholarship to a licentiate student preparing a doctoral thesis. It is desirable that the scholarship may circulate among the various faculties. However, there is no absolute obstacle to the scholarship being awarded to the same student for several consecutive years. However, since it is difficult to predict the future size of the scholarship fund, it may be possible, if the return permits, to appoint several scholarship holders, provided that the effectiveness of the scholarships does not suffer as a result.”

  1. The entire amount of the annual income of the Fund, after deduction of the costs of administering the Fund, shall be allocated to scholarships in accordance with the following provisions.
  2. The amount of the fellowship shall not be fixed, but the available funds shall be distributed among the applicants on the basis of their ability and aptitude for scientific work and of the benefit which the award of a fellowship would bring to their dissertation work.
  3. The scholarship shall be announced by the First Curator each year not later than 15 March and not later than 15 October. Applications shall be submitted to the First Curator no later than 15 April and 15 November respectively. The possibility for the Scholarship Committee to consider applications made at times other than the regular call for applications is provided for in paragraph 8.
  4. Since the licentiate degree in the form it had at the time of the establishment of the will has now been abolished, those who belong to the Smålands nation in Uppsala and have been admitted to postgraduate studies at one of Uppsala University’s institutions are eligible to receive a scholarship. During the semester in which the scholarship is taken up, the scholarship holder must have pursued active studies at Uppsala University for at least three semesters and during this time must have belonged to the Smålands Nation.
  5. Applications to the Scholarship Committee must be submitted using the online form established by the Committee for this purpose. The application shall contain information on the applicant’s person and eligibility, research institution and study funding, time of admission to doctoral studies and estimated remaining time until the doctoral thesis, applications for the same purpose, the amount applied for divided into travel, accommodation, subsistence and other costs. The application must be accompanied by:
    1. A certificate from the supervisor that the trip and its purpose are useful for the dissertation work.
    2. Travel plan detailing the purpose of the stay abroad.
    3. Documentation, when the application is first made to the Fund, proving eligibility as per paragraph five.
    4. Additional documents that the applicant wishes to refer to.
  1. The working committee of the Scholarships Committee shall consider the application before the meeting of the Committee and shall provide the applicant with the necessary additional information. If the requested additional information is not received, the Scholarships Committee may decide not to consider the application.
  2. If an application cannot be postponed, the working committee may, between the regular calls for applications, award scholarships of up to half a basic amount in accordance with the General Insurance Act (1962:381).
  3. The travel plan may be amended by decision of the Working Committee, which may also authorise the reallocation of the amount awarded, unless the purpose differs substantially from that originally stated.
  4. The First Curator shall, at the request of the fellow, authorise 90 % of the amount of the grant before his departure.
  5. The grantee is required to submit a travel report and a travel invoice within two months of the end of the trip. Travel and accommodation expenses must be supported by receipts. Other expenses, such as congress and tuition fees, must also be verified. If the fellow has not used the full amount of the grant, he/she will be required to repay the balance.
  6. After the travel bill and the travel report of the fellow have been approved by the Working Committee, the First Curator shall authorise the remaining amount of the fellowship.