This link takes you to the application portal for scholarships (AML, general scholarships and CG & C)

The link opens in a new window and you are asked to create a user account. You do this by filling in first and last name and an email address. You will then receive an email with your password. That email easily gets stuck in the spam filter, so look there if the password is delayed. When creating your application, be sure to choose the right scholarship type from the drop-down list. Then take your time when filling out the forms, so that you do not forget anything. You do not have to have all your information ready when you start, because everything you write in the forms is saved automatically so that you can continue later.

Please note that Uppsala University manages a number of scholarships that are connected to Småland’s nation. These can not be applied for via Småland’s nation’s website, but only through Uppsala University’s application portal. Link to the university’s scholarship website can be found here.