Housing Scholarships

Apply for housing scholarships for the spring semester of 2024! Application and coverage open 25/1 and closes 15/2!

General information
Eligible to apply for housing scholarships are gifted and needy members of Smålands nation in Uppsala who live in a corridor room or kitchenette room in the Smålandsgården housing association. Scholarships are awarded primarily to students who have been present at universities and colleges for a maximum of ten semesters. Students can hold different housing scholarships one after the other, but the total time with a housing scholarship cannot exceed six (6) semesters. The research fellow is obliged to stay in the city for academic studies for at least 90 days during the spring semester and at least 75 days during the autumn semester. In addition to these general criteria, there are additional conditions and preferential rules for some of the housing scholarships:

For you to retain your scholarship, you must study full-time and live in the Smålandsgården Foundation’s housing for at least 90 days during the spring term and 75 days during the autumn term. You must also have taken at least 15 credits during the previous semester.

You can find the Monitoring document below.

Our different housing scholarships

preference for descendants of the donors, Major Knut Edvard Aschan and h. h. Elisabeth, born Holmberg.

Bergsrådet J L Aschans
preference for relatives of the war judge Nils Aschan.

Oscar Ahréns 

Prinsessan Ebba Bernadottes
for a member of the nation who excelled in good work ethic and praiseworthy forward-thinking spirit.


Torsten Kreugers                

Halmstad Nässjö Järnvägars
for male students; among two or more equal applicants, preference shall be given to those born within the company’s old traffic area; insofar as the company has proposed certain students as holders of the scholarship, this shall take precedence.

Lessebo Aktiebolags        

preference for relative to donor, Professor Gunhild Hybbinette.

C O Nyléns
preference for a descendant of the donors, Professor Carl Olof Nylén and h. h. Elisabeth, born Bengtsson.

Nässjö-Oskarshamns Järnvägars

preference for relative to donor, Professor Arvid Odencrants.

Carl-Axel Petterssons          

Smålands Gille i Gävle       

Carl von Linnés
preference for relative to donor, Mrs. Jane Strandell.

Erkebiskop A N Sundbergs
preference for those engaged in the study of classical languages.