Rent Smålands

At Smålands, we are more than happy to organize various parties for people in the academic sphere. If you want to organize a dissertation party, a program session with a release, a birthday party or something similar, we at Smålands will help you tailor the perfect evening.

We can arrange seating for up to 150 people in our large ballroom, which is beautifully decorated with paintings and portraits. We can provide stage, sound & candles and other techniques to gild your party. If you also want to arrange a party or a club, our premises can accommodate 525 people!

We always try to fulfill your wishes and offer good food and drink as well as good service at Uppsala’s most competitive prices.

Do not hesitate to contact the third curator for more information!


In addition to sitting in the evening, Smålands also arranges lunch rentals – an easy way to gather colleagues at the department, the courses, or the association members for a good bite to eat.


If you want to organize a conference, we at Smålands can help you tailor a full-day package with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Our varied rooms work great for board meetings, lectures, and various team-building exercises!

More information? Contact the Third Curator. Phone: 072 853 02 18.