Other Scholarships

Svensson-Sjöbergs scholarship

Awarded to students at Uppsala University who were born in Jönköping County, have completed Per Brahe upper secondary school and who, in addition to diligence and an honorable character, are distinguished by more thorough insights into the humanities, theology, law and social sciences, with preference for those who study ( theoretical) philosophy, aesthetics or theology.

In the alternative, the scholarship is also awarded to students who have completed other upper secondary schools in Jönköping municipality and who otherwise meet the above conditions. Applicationin the spring term.

Ödmanska Fond nr. 2

Awarded to the most needy countryman, born in Småland, who has made himself known for good manners, diligence and orderliness. Announced in the spring term

Lagermarks scholarships

Awarded to a working member of Småland’s nation. Announced in the spring term every two years starting in 2002.