New Student


Småland’s nation has a lot to offer everyone who studies at the university. There is guaranteed to be something that suits you! Pub Hyttan is open Wednesday-Friday, Friday afternoons offer luxury restaurant Flyx and we serve fika every Saturday. Several times per semester we also have a club with great live acts! To this we can also add our sub-associations and activity clubs: the orchestra Glasblåsarna, the choirs SNDL and SNVE, the sports association SNIF, yoga, Latin Dance, the literature club, the philosophy club and much more.

A large and very important part of our business is our associations, which always welcome new members. In the nation, there is also a library with reading places and course literature. There are also a number of other benefits to being a member of Småland’s nation. Every year, the nation distributes approximately SEK 2.5 million in scholarships to our members. We also have accommodations located right next to the nation – a better location is not available!

Feel free to stop by and check out the situation! Or why not try working in Pub Hyttan, at Flyxen or over coffee?

Join in, it’s going to be fun!

What do I get when I become a member?

  • A fantastic community
  • Opportunity to apply for our generous scholarships
  • Opportunity to apply for our central housing
  • Free coffee / tea during the nation’s opening hours
  • Free admission to Småland’s clubs
  • Free admission to gasque clubs

What is in for me as a new student (Recce)?

  • Chance to win a housing contract in our room raffle at the recce reception
  • Recceguiden, a magazine for all new Smålanders
  • A nice tote bag in the Småland colors
  • Opportunity to participate in the recce reception, a party with food and a mini fair
  • Chance to be named “Terminens Recce” (Recce of the semester) and receive a special medal