The 22nd of October it is finally time for Smålands nations alumni organisation is having their fantastic Autumn party! We are again gathering to create bonds with new and old friends!

The night starts with the Smålands nations alumni organisations meeting at 18:00 and the party starts at 18dk. The night is ended traditionally with a “sittande sexa” that starts 23.00.

Important information

Price: 380 sek / 350 sek alcohol free
Sittande sexa: 85 sek / 70 sek alcohol free. The sexa is included in the ticket price for the dinner. (Pre-signup to to join the sexa).
Dress code: Suit

OSA: Sign up to our first curator (

The tickets will be released in different phases;
30 september – Members of kamratföreningen (Maximum of2 tickets/per person)
1 october Active members of Smålands nation (Maximum of 2 tickets/per person)
2 october – Members of Smålands nation and others.

Last day to sign up is 16/10!