Smålands nation has a rich archive with roots from 1645. We mainly offer members access to a large assortment of documents such as protocols, photos, membership registers and old Spexes. But students from other nations, researchers and students are also welcome.

If you want to get copies of documents, it’s best to bring your own camera, but you can also get copies for a small fee. The archive opens by arrangement. Write to the archivist to access the documents. Please read the rules that apply when visiting the archive before you come here, as well as the current archive list.

We also keep some of our oldest documents at Carolina Rediviva, these can be freely ordered by contacting the manuscript department. Click here to see the archive list. Look for U 1200.

When visiting the nation’s archive

  1. Be careful with the documents, use offered gloves when reading documents older than 1950.
  2. Feel free to eat and drink, but not in the archives.
  3. Read all documents on-site unless otherwise agreed.
  4. Please ask the archivist to pick up and return documents to maintain order.
  5. Preferably bring your own camera if you want copies of any document. Otherwise, the archivist can copy the desired document for a small fee, free of charge for active members of the nation.
  6. When delivering documents to the archive, contact the archivist before.


Opening hours: By arrangement